How you can help

With your support we are making progress for lab animals: bans on the use of chimpanzees and wild caught monkeys in EU labs; phasing out the capture of wild monkeys to stock the factory farms; phasing out the use of offspring of wild-caught monkeys (prohibited after November 2022); the cosmetics testing ban in the EU; stopping the Colombian hunters trapping owl monkeys for malaria experiments; most airlines refusing to transport monkeys for research; replacement of animals in teaching and restrictions on certain painful experiments across Europe. But thousands of monkeys and dogs are still being subjected to painful safety tests.

Take action this Lab Animal Week (April 20-26):

  • Ask your MP to call on the government to progress the adoption of advanced non-animal research methods and phase out animal tests through thematic review. Contact them here
  • In the US, ask your Representatives to support measures accelerating the move away from animal models towards more human-relevant research.
  • Make a donation to support our work to help animals in laboratories.
  • Get involved in, and share, our social media campaigns.
  • Spread the word: Write to your local newspaper; blog about it; share on social media.
  • Start a Facebook fundraiser or crowdfunding campaign to support non-animal scientific research projects funded through the ADI Foundation’s Lord Dowding Fund.
  • Pledge to use cruelty-free cosmetics and household products – and persuade a friend or family member to do so too.
  • Write to a company that tests on animals. Let them know you will not use their products while they continue to carry out such tests, and that you’ll tell others to do the same.
  • Academics, scientists, institutions, companies and organisations also invited to sign up to the Declaration for Advanced Science, an initiative launched by ADI, which supports measures to accelerate a “move away from animal models towards more human-relevant research methods”. For details email

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